November 21, 2021


atvXperience for S905X2. BETA.

  • Description:

    Custom ROM

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  • Build

    AMPI.3139.M4NC release-keys

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Make a ROM based on AndroidTV that is fast and functional

atvXperience has reformed and are currently updating our ROM library for all chipsets. This project is only compatible with Amlogic chipsets, please ensure you’re amlogic chip matches the ROM you are installing. This rom includes standard functionality to breathe new life into your Amlogic device. For installation and help and and to report any bugs, please head over to the forum. 

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atvXperience v5 is not available for this chip

Check back soon, or try one of the below ROMs

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No ROM for your chip? Wi-Fi or remote not working?... The new atvX is rolling out slowly, you can try this ROM in the meantime, feedback can help the improvement and rollout of atvX and is valuable

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